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Choose from different ad formats, including banners, squares and more. We suggest you the optimum AD Placements to maximize your brand promotion.

Custom Content

We analyses your audience, understand their need and once we are sure about your brand’s target audience and mood, we target specific audience and serve the content they want to engage with. We also suggest optimum themes & designs to engage your target audience and inspire them to share more.

We customize the content and craft them in such a manner (e.g. quizzes, infographics, and cinemagraphs) that they speak about your brand and inspire the customer to share. It not only spread your brand to the right audience but also lift your brand image.

Brand Lift

Your brand's social content to be projected throughout our site and remain in an optimal position ensuring your content is viewed by millions of people looking to engage with interesting and creative content.

The ZeppFeed Audience

400+ Million monthly reach

60% are 18-34 years old

Source: Google Analytics, Facebook


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